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mundinix mundinix mundinix
mundinix mundinix mundinix
Roger Mundinix Details Info
location Buenos Aires
age 39
profession entreprenur
hobbie artist
color blue
languages Italiano, English, Castellano

Roger : Nix Events are for members to know each other, in a bar, in a restaurant, in a VIP room of a fancy club in the city. In addition, we can do more sporty things, like playing paintball, or bowling. Itís more integrating, and NIX events are always to have fun, we can invite (depending a number of factors) new people, aspiring members. Please check on each event if this is possible.
For Who ?
Roger : Individuals or couples, male or female. We have no restrictions nor discriminations in any sense, however, the members are normal people, who wants to be connected in person to other members. Have some drinks if in a club, or have some great sporty experience if we are going for instance to a paintball course, etc.
How to get appointed to a NIX event ?
Roger : You just need to check in the first place, what is the total capacity (attendees) and you can see how many already are going, then you just need to enter your USN number, and our system will confirm by the communications protocol of your preference
When are happening these events ?
Roger : You just need to check out the calendar to see the dates and timing of each NIX event. You can also use the filter. Itís very simple.
Where are happening these events ?
Roger : Itís always in a public place such as a restaurant, a club, a bar, an attraction center, etc. We just agree to get together in there, we donít have any arrangements with the place to close and get exclusive to us (exception is if we need to make reservations due the place policy)
Roger : Mundinix does not charges any commissions nor fees, however, each attendant must pay his part of whatever he consumed, as he would do in a normal situation of dinner, or bar. As a common sense practice, we divide the total of the ticket only in the attendant males (yaguaretes, ynandu or carancho) in equal parts, so if there are women they will not pay the bill. Visible pricing on the website itís a kind of guideline of an estimation, but itís not required to pay it in advance.
How to become a member
Roger : Please get registered from the initial page of mundinix.com
mundinix mundinix mundinix
mundinix mundinix mundinix
mundinix mundinix mundinix

MundiNixNo one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.